Archives of Korean girl group Lovelyz ( 러블리즈), formed in 2014 by Woollim Entertainment

Lovelyz Lovelyz8 (Ah Choo) album concept photos

[HD] Teaser photos for Lovelyz8, the first mini album by Korean girl group Lovelyz, released October 2015. Music video for Ah Choo, main track of the EP, after the pics.

Lovelyz Lovelyz8 Korean mini album

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Lovelyz Jiae Simsimtapa Radio Show

Jiae of pop group Lovelyz appeared on Simsimtapa radio show on March 5th, 2015. The group made their debut with Girls’ Invasion late 2014; the album has just been repackaged and re-released as Hi~.

Lovelyz Jia Simsimtapa radio show

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Lovelyz Girls’ Invasion (Candy Jelly Love) album concept photos

[HD] Photos for Girls’ Invasion, female pop group Lovelyz’s debut album, released November 2014. Music video of the main track, Candy Jelly Love, at end of the post.

Pop group Lovelyz Girls Invasion concept photo

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