Archives of Korean idol girl group G-Friend (여자친구), formed in 2015 by Source Music

GFriend MAPS Magazine

[HD] Pop group GFriend in MAPS Magazine (October 2015). The girls are arguably the “it” group in 2016 thus far with hit song Rough which was released in January. Music video end of the post.

Pop group GFriend Korean MAPS Magazine

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GFriend wishes fans a happy new year

Pop group GFriend in traditional Korean fashion to wish fans a Happy Lunar New Year. The girls have released a new EP titled Snowflake in January 2016.

Pop group GFriend Lunar New Year 2016

GFriend Lunar New Year 2016 Hanbok

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G-Friend volleyball game performance

Korean pop group G-Friend performed at a volleyball game on March 8th, 2015. The girl group released their debut song in January 2015.

G-Friend Korean volleyball game performance

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G-Friend Yerin goes to work

Yerin of Korean pop group G-Friend arriving (and leaving) at Kiss The Radio show to promote the girls’ debut mini album, Season of Glass, in January 2015.

G-Friend Yerin Kiss The Radio

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GFriend Glass Bead concept photo

Concept picture and music video for Glass Bead, pop group GFriend’s debut song, released Jan 2015.

Korean pop group GFriend Glass Bead debut song