Archives of Korean racing model Bang Eun Young (방은영) - DOB: February 3, 1986 - Birthplace: Korea

Bang Eun Young wanderlust

Racing model Bang Eun Young in a leisure themed photoshoot in 2013. The girl just got married (October 2014 if not mistaken), we probably won’t see her at racing/trade events anymore. Best wishes.

Bang Eun Young Korean wanderlust

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Bang Eun Young & Lee Sung Hwa N.Y.P.D

Models Bang Eun Young and Lee Sung Hwa at a promotion event for N.Y.P.D, a Korean men’s underwear brand in 2012. Can’t find any update about the brand (the website not working either), looks like the business plan didn’t work; the cheeky name probably didn’t help much.

Bang Eun Young Lee Sung Hwa NYPD Korea

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